A Better Way to Learn and Address Teacher Shortages

What Makes Us Different?

21st Century Digital Teaching was founded in 2021. Teachers inspire us. We are committed to levelling the educational playing field. We believe there must always be a better way to teach, to save valuable time and costs, and to help students reach their full potential. Our goal is simple - make quality learning universally accessible.

Our purpose is to support the improvement and growth of education by investment in a new digital era of blended learning, setting new educational standards. We harness cutting-edge technology to ensure that every student receives a world-class education, no matter their location, background or financial situation.

Our mission today is to provide GCSE maths pupils with global access to the highest calibre of maths teachers and successful teaching practices at an affordable cost to schools, and to make life easier for teachers through our innovative, digital teaching platform.

Better Education > Better Retention > Better Results

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General Q&A

Yes, the platform offers a responsive design seamlessly usable on mobiles, tablets, devices, and desktops without compromising functionality.

Yes, the platform is compatible with any web browser, ensuring easy access regardless of preference.

No additional investment in hardware or software is required. The platform is ready to use with existing devices and internet connection.

Yes, the platform offers a proven curriculum closely aligned with the latest educational standards, ensuring high-quality, relevant content.

The platform includes various interactive tools and resources catering to different learning styles, ensuring an inclusive and personalised learning experience.

Yes, the platform facilitates effective communication and collaboration between teachers and students, enhancing teaching results.

Yes, the platform provides comprehensive tools for teachers to track and analyse student progress and performance efficiently.

The platform is very user-friendly, making it easy for first-time users to navigate and utilise its features effectively.

User security and privacy are of utmost importance. The platform employs advanced security measures and operates on an enterprise AWS server in the UK to maintain the highest data protection and privacy standards. This setup ensures robust security for personal information and data.

The platform is designed for easy integration into various learning management systems, facilitating a smooth transition and compatibility with school systems.

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